What are the advantages of Biogas?

  • Biogas is a renewable form of energy. Biogas is CO2 equivalent reduction. Methane in the biogas would otherwise be released into the atmosphere from the soil and have contributed with 20 times the CO2 impact.

  • By capturing and flaring gas is a significantly decrease in greenhouse gas emissions. When burning biogas there is no released from fossil carbon, as is the case when burning coal, oil and natural gas.

  • Simultaneously collected and used methane from slurry tank and emissions of nitrous oxide from the fields decreases, these are both important greenhouse gases.

  • Odors by slurry spreading with degassed manure is reduced compared to untreated slurry.

  • Nutrients (especially nitrogen)can be better exploited because they are more directly absorbable by plants. (80-85% of N recorded). This reduces the risk of nutrient (N) leaching.

  • The biogas is a sterilizated, so there is no risk of spreading bacteria and weed seeds.




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